Sled Island at the Ironwood

Sled Island at the Ironwood…….a full line up of females performers and what a interesting group of ladies…..all with their own unique look, style and love of music.

First up was the lovely Stefana Fratilla a Vancouver based artist who played spots of ambient and electronic music all the while looping her voice into her performance, second was Maica Mia an experimental rock duo from Montreal, then Laura Leif a local Calgarian who incorporated interesting and unique projections on a  screen while she sang and played the ukulele and to end off the night the angelic voice of Julianna Barwick a Brooklyn based singer who loops her own voice and vocal percussion to make music that sounds like a whole choir singing.    See the full set of images in my events portfolio here.

Stefana-Fratilla - Ironwood - Sled Island -7225Laura Leif- Ironwood - Sled Island -7428

Maica Mia - Ironwood - Sled Island -7333Juliana Barwick- Ironwood - Sled Island -7515








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