LeiRa a bike to remember

I was fortunate enough to have bought my bike last year at an auction for $60.00 dollars, I like to call her LeiRa….it turns out she is more famous than I thought! I love this bike ….it is so well made its amazing how well the features are still in tack after so many years.

My Lenton Raleigh has a well known history that stems back to 1887 on Raleigh Street, Nottingham, England. (According to wikipedia ) Frank Bowden, a prosperous 38 year old, bought a bicycle made by Messrs. Woodhead, Angois and Ellis, because his doctor had told him to ride a bicycle for his health. Bowden was impressed by his bicycle and went to Raleigh Street to find the makers. Bowden made them an offer and bought the business, he changed the company’s name to Raleigh Cycles to commemorate the original address.  In six years Bowden created a business which became the biggest bike manufacturing company in the world and occupied seven and a half acres in Faraday Road, Lenton, Nottingham.

Lenton RaleighLenton RaleighLenton Raleigh

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