Growing Indoor Micro-greens

In December I had the opportunity to take one of the many workshops that Market Collective offer at their events and took part in growing indoor micro-greens with Dave Carlton of the Leaf Ninjas.

We were taught the process of growing micro-greens a fun and wonderful way to grown your own food indoors. I took a few photos during the course and have been growing the greens faithfully for the last couple of months. The process is quite simple and easy and it was amazing to see the greens growing within a week.

It has been an interesting journey for me to be learning new ways to improve my health and being able to grow your own food is one of the greatest feelings of providing and nurturing myself. I have been sharing the greens with family and friends and they are always happy to be on the receiving end of something so easy to do and good for the body.

Thank you to Dave Carlton for sharing your knowledge and insight into something that is good for the body and the mind. You can find the Leaf Ninjas at for further information……take my word for it you will be so overjoyed to have found such great people and community!!


Dave Carlton of Leaf NinjasIndoor Greens 2-5035

Indoor Greens 3-5034

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