Lela Music Video

I met Brigitte Dacjzer aka “Briga” last year at her new CD release of Turbo Folk Stories at Lion d’Or in Montreal, Quebec.  I was fortunate to have taken photos that evening of Briga and her band. She has a wonderful stage presence, plays effortlessly and it was easy to see the love of her craft flowing from her. Briga’s music is a hybrid of songs written in English and French, all accompanied by her violin talents firmly rooted in eastern European and Romani folk sounds.

This weekend I had the opportunity to work with Brigitte along with Maia Iotzova a local film maker, on their creation of Briga’s music video for her song Lela.  Here are some production images from the video shoot ……what a great experience!! It was exciting to be work with a great bunch of people. I am looking forward to seeing the final product. (Take a peek of my portfolio for all the images)

Briga Video Lela Briga Video Lela          Briga Video Lela



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